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Hong Kong is more than wontons and sushi rolls! Let’s dive into some unconventional dining experiences in the 852 that’ll blow your mind. From trips back in time to the Song Dynasty to dinners in complete darkness, get ready for a wild culinary ride!

Jǐng: A Time Travel Feast

Picture this: a hidden spot in Auntie Āyi at Pacific Place that whisks you back to China’s Song Dynasty. Jing is the winner of the “Best Unique Dining Experience in Hong Kong” at the Love Local Awards 2023. It’s like a sensory banquet where walls and tables light up with visuals, music, and stories, all showcasing the grandeur of the Song Dynasty. Their eight-course menu flaunts authentic dishes like Su Shi Slow-cooked Pork Belly and Emperor Gaozong’s Orange-flavoured Crab Meat. Fancy a ticket to this time-traveling feast? Book the private room for 8 to 10 people through Jing’s WhatsApp hotline at 9801 3006.

Savour Cinema: Movies and Munchies

Combine films and food, and voila! Savour Cinema does exactly that. Each event pairs a different film with specially crafted dishes inspired by scenes from the movie. From Midsommar to Chungking Express, they make movie moments edible. It’s like tasting the emotions of your favorite scenes through food!

Dinner in the Dark: Lights Out, Senses On

This isn’t your usual food photoshoot! Dinner in the Dark is an experience at Dialogue in the Dark HK Foundation that plunges you into complete darkness. No sight, just taste, smell, and touch. Challenge your palate and connect with the blind, deaf, or disabled community in this immersive dining journey.

The Magistracy: A Historic Feast

Ever dined in a transformed Supreme Court? The Magistracy does just that. Dive into London-inspired classics amidst grand architecture. Fancy some fresh air? Head to the Botanical Garden terrace for G&Ts and an outdoor oasis experience.

Relish: Events Extraordinaire

Relish, an event catering and design company, makes dreams come true. They’ve worked with Art Basel and Google, tailoring events from nostalgic Hong Kong food-themed cocktail parties to corporate launch events. With their private venue in Wong Chuk Hang, they’ll make your event a standout.

Aqua Luna: Dining on the Waves

You’ve seen the iconic Aqua Luna gliding across Victoria Harbour. Now hop aboard! Indulge in Dim Sum Library’s delights with their Dim Sum Cruise or opt for the Dinner Cruise for a Northern Chinese buffet by Hutong. Enjoy the stunning Symphony of Lights from either the cozy interior or the open-air deck.

Pata Negra House Group: Ham-tastic Feasts

Iberico ham lovers, this one’s for you! Dive into the world of Spanish gastronomy at Pata Negra House Group. Explore their Iberico Ham Cellar with tasting experiences like the Signature and Prestige Experiences, featuring lavish tapas menus curated by Michelin-starred chefs. An ideal team activity for any occasion!

Hong Kong’s Offbeat Feasting

Hong Kong’s dining scene isn’t just about wontons and dim sum. These out-of-the-box experiences, from time-traveling banquets to sensory dining in complete darkness, redefine how you enjoy food in the 852. Ready for a taste bud adventure? These spots are waiting to surprise and delight your senses!

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