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Festive treats. When it comes to a gathering, a tasty bite paired with a lovely drink is my idea of a perfect welcome. But honestly, I prefer being the one hosting. Welcoming folks in, fixing up a drink, and passing around homemade snacks—now, that’s something to savor.

While cocktails are nice, it’s the food that sticks in people’s minds. A bit of crunch is key: a crumbly parmesan biscuit with black sesame seeds, a tiny potato cake, all crispy edges from the pan. And if we’re talking sweets, a crackly almond cookie with a fudgy center hits the spot.

To keep things simple, I’ve got one or two cocktails lined up, but I’ve also got a backup for those who aren’t keen on ’em. A mulled cider is perfect, pairs well with cheese wafers or potato pancakes topped with sauerkraut or pickled cabbage. And to go with those almond cookies, there’s a gorgeous pomegranate mimosa that’s as pretty as twinkling fairy lights.

Festive Treats: Mulled Cider and Potato Cakes

Grate up about 750g of potatoes and a medium onion. Let them sit with a pinch of salt to get rid of excess moisture. Crush a clove of garlic and mix it with the potatoes along with some flour, pepper, and eggs. Fry ’em up in a pan until they’re golden and crisp, then top with coleslaw or pickled cabbage and sprinkle poppy seeds on top.

Mulled Cider Recipe

In a saucepan, heat up cider, apple juice, brandy, sugar, orange peel strips, star anise, cloves, and cinnamon sticks. Get it nearly boiling, let it simmer until it’s all spicy and appley. Taste and tweak the sugar or add more brandy if you fancy. Serve it up in glasses.

Crisp Spiced Cheese Biscuits

Mix flour with Aleppo pepper and pepper, then blend in cold butter, egg yolk, parmesan, and black sesame seeds. Shape the dough into a rectangle, cut into pieces, and bake until golden and crispy.

Pomegranate Mimosa and Orange Almond Cookies

Whisk egg whites and sugar until glossy, then add ground almonds, almond extract, and orange zest. Roll the mixture into balls, coat with icing sugar, and bake until lightly crisp on the outside and soft within.

Pour fresh pomegranate juice into glasses and top them up with sparkling wine.

Final Touch

There you have it! Easy-peasy drinks and bites to make your holiday bash a hit. Enjoy the warmth of good company, delicious food, and fantastic drinks. Cheers to a fabulous celebration!

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